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Do you love strong female characters? Do you enjoy multiple genres including fantasy, romance, and suspense? Do you want great stories that keep you engaged? Do need bite sized books that fit your busy lifestyle?

Find out why Bast & Rune, home of bite sized fantasy & romance novellas, keeps readers coming back for more. Check out Rachel's books today!

Book Cover Image for The Huntress Fairy Tale Romance Novella by Rachel Delane
Book Cover Art for Magick Hour Volume 1 Last Night by Rachel Delane

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About The Author

Rachel Delane is an author, crazy cat lady, and solitary witch. She also runs the Bast and Rune publishing house and is a book cover designer.

She is a lover of fiction writes shorter works like novellas and flash fiction. These bite sized stories fit into our face paced society. You can become immersed in a story on a lunch break or over the course of a few evenings after work and dive right into the next story when you're ready.

You can connect with Rachel on Twitter @authorrdelane or email her at should you like to share your thoughts or love of cats.