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We want our readers to love every Bast & Rune book! We know you are busy and that is what we like to provide Bite Sized Fiction to fit into your busy life. Our authors write everything from romance to YA. Writing these books is a blast and reading them is just as fun!

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Book Cover Art for Magick Hour Volume 1 Last Night by Rachel Delane

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Pinball – Flash Fiction Friday Story

The dark abyss of space consumed everything in front of me. The ship jerked and…

Creative Commons photo by Kat/Swim Parallel.

Unconventional Client – Flash Fiction Friday

Tina leaned back in her chair admiring her sensibly stylish shoes. All in a days…

Image of Ballerinas Dancing at the Red Cross Fund in Brisbane 1942

Dangerous Dance – Flash Fiction Friday

  The fluid tempo of the orchestra echoed through the grand hall.  Young women flitted…

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About The Author

Tiny and Butter

Rachel Delane is a solitary witch drawn to paranormal and supernatural fiction, but she loves to explore multiple genres and story lengths.  She began her writing career as a bestselling nonfiction author using her degrees in psychology.  In her free time Rachel enjoys reading paranormal, supernatural, romance, mystery, and thriller books, she goes on a remote camping trips every year to rejuvenate and enjoy mother nature, she is a crazy cat lady caring for rescue cats that number in the double digits, and loves to escape to the movie theater at least once a week.

The image to the left is Rachel Delane, our paranormal romance author, with her siamese kitty Butter.